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InfyIT is a software Consulting, Staffing, and Technology Services company expertized in industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing, and integration services.
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We provide the ongoing techno professionals & IT services to ensure our expertise to support your
information technology hardware, software, and network infrastructure.
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InfyIT is a software Consulting, Staffing, and Technology Services company expertized in industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing, and integration services.

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We provide the advanced and professional processes for hiring qualified and experienced staff as per client requirements. We manage end-to-end staffing services and add value to your business with our custom staffing solutions.


InfyIT offers both professional and managed IT services such as Cloud and data migration, Cyber Security, Network server storage, IT Consulting, dedicated help desk IT support, Software licensing, maintenance, and upgrades of your software and hardware.


We offer Tech solutions and services like business solutions, Enterprise application and integration, application development, application maintenance and support, business intelligence, quality assurance, and end to end implementation.





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Special Collabration

We are Agile and unleash the benefits of working with cross-functional teams to encourage strong communication between business owners, from whom we get requirements for products, and the technical team that produces the product.

Supportive Speaches

Speech development is crucial in effectively communicating with clients throughout the InfyIT services. Meanwhile we can help our team to understand what speech, language and communication needs to coordinate and its effect on our clients.

Motivation Mettings

We organize Employee Motivation workshops, provide several types of tools to participants to get motivated including goal setting and influencing skills. We maintain the right balance among the team and ensure to have a motivated workforce.


  1.  IT supply chain
  2. Modern Workplace
  3. IT Asset Management
  4. IT security
  5. Digital Innovation

InfyIT is a fast-growing, Global, Innovative consulting organization. We are expertise in providing Enterprise Managed & Professional services and solutions in Information Technology. Since its inception, InfyIT has expanded at a tremendous pace and has garnered customers from both the mid-market segment and fortune 100 companies. InfyIT is helping organizations globally to obtain a competitive advantage by adopting innovative technologies, IT trends, and high-end solutions. Founded on the ground of providing the pioneered level of services. Providing custom solutions to complex IT services with a hands-on approach creates an environment that meets our customers’ industry-specific needs. We listen to our clients first and start working through the issues together to allow them to achieve the maximum benefit from our quality services and solutions. Read More

Who We Are

With a legacy of over 10 years in the Canada market, Today InfyIT is one of the leading players in the Staffing services and Tech solutions. We believe in combining our passion and helping companies to acquire quality and talent professionals for the clients. InfyIT provides a full range of solutions including temporary and permanent staffing, outsourcing and other workforce solutions in the areas IT and other related sectors.


We always welcome and ready to adopt and implement innovative ideas in our services and tech solutions with a vision and creativity.


InfyIT develops advanced, scalable, robust and customized software solutions with latest & emerging technologies in Industry.


We help you design and development of awesome products which can make customers happy and their business more successful.


We focus on driving Leads, Revenue to our clients’ and in forming a notable presence in the IT market through our digital marketing and SEO solutions.

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Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:30 and Saturday we work until 15:30

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“InfyIT Inc. is part of KaushiTech Inc.”

InfyIT is an IT Consulting and software service company established in 2010, It was started operations from its base in CANADA with strong work force. InfyIT offers Software development, Application development, Web development and outsourced IT Staffing, and Software consulting services across the Globe.



E-mail info@infyit.com